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I’m Megs.
I’ve been referred to as both whimsical and lyrical. During my childhood, I developed a life policy of leaping and then looking, convinced a great story far outweighed the potential of a broken leg. I’ve since realized that maybe I should at least take a quick peep over the ledge before leaping, but remain dedicated to living a life of adventure.
I spent most of my time in college switching majors (5 times officially. Say what you will, I feel like it makes me a Megan of all trades). After coming dangerously close to spending as much time in college as a doctor without the income potential to validify it, I was able to wrap things up under my true love, fine art.
After college, longing for adventure and something new (ok, ok, fine and MAYBE because of a boy) I moved up to Portland, OR. I’ve always, always loved makeup, beauty, and helping people. So rather than slaving away as a short tempered barista forever, I went to Aveda Institute Portland to get an education to become an esthetician. Best. Decision. Ever.
It’s my second true love. Yes, I can have TWO true loves if I want to.
The boy is now a closed chapter in the epic story of Megs and after a brief stint working at one of the top spas in the central valley of California, I’m now located in the small paradise of San Luis Obispo, California. Ah-mazing.
In my free time, I pursue both saintly & sinnerly pleasures such as dancing to my own beat, misquoting movies, high fiving, and making up my own words (like sinnerly). My greatest regret is that life does not come preset with a soundtrack playing in the background. Somehow, I just feel like the more tedious parts of my life would have been enhanced had some Ray LaMontage been playing in the background. Also, I’m pretty sure if I had a musical cue, I could have avoided some of the more tragic missteppings of my life.
So what now? I’m in love with the idea of an open door. Who knows? I’m pursuing a specialty in lashes and makeup. I would like to one day open my own spa with Sarah. I take every opportunity I can get to further my education and become better at what I love to do. I hope through SNSBeautyBlog.com I can reach more people to help them feel beautiful inside and out. This blog is for you, my saints and sinners.



One thought on “*the epic adventures of megs golightly

  1. I can’t wait to read up on great beauty tips and tricks (and let’s not forget TRENDS!)!! ;D

    Posted by Eagerbeaver | October 11, 2011, 9:03 am

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