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Hey, I’m Sarah,
My own life experiences have led me to believe that life is like one of those crazy spinny roller coasters: super fun, fast and sometimes you get sick. There are ups and downs but at this time I seem to be on a pretty high up on this live’s track. I appreciate those harder times for helping sculpt me into the strong and passionate person who I now see everyday…(multiple times) in my lighted makeup mirror, bathroom mirror, purse compact mirror and rear view mirror. I choose to blame the day job 🙂
For literally as long as I can remember I have been interested in skin. One of my first memories is of my little kid self mixing together different concoctions and rubbing them all over myself like a body treatment. Usually consisting of different variations of first-aid ointment and vapor rub, they proved to be very moisturizing! When I figured out I could do this and other fun skin treatments that also make people feel relaxed and pampered for a living I had my mind made up to make it happen.
I knew that the slow lane life I saw before me in my hometown in southern Oregon wasn’t going to be fulfilling. Moving to Portland sounded like a good idea one day, but was also very scary. After getting a incredibly motivating pep-talk from a friend I packed for my lifes next chapter. Along the way I decided to get some words to live by tattooed on so I wouldn’t loose sight. Live more, Fear less. So far it seems to be working.
Attending the Aveda Institute Portland (best beauty school on earth) for my Esthetics training I met Megan. I knew by her mind-blowing brows and keen eye for fashion that we were meant to be friends. Each day we spent together was similar to a rave: a ton of dancing and singing thats memory was super blurry in the morning. It’s a definite bummer that we now live in adjoining states but Saints & Sinners is the next step towards our goal of opening up a spa of our own!
As for now, I am working for myself doing special occasion airbrush makeup “Flawless Finish LLC”. I really enjoy the artful beauty I able to create. The possibilities are endless with airbrushing. I hope to soon expand my portfolio to include some outrageous fashion looks. Don’t worry I’ll keep ya posted.
I am excited to twist some the things I love together in creating our spa: art, health, wellness, beauty and makeup. Big goals take time and I am absolutely fine with that. I have many passions to fill my days, months, years. The only thing satisfying to me is being able to help people feel as beautiful as they look, saint or sinner.



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