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*run and hide

It’s happened to all of us. You’re rocking a sexy pair of opaque black nylons, only to look down and see a line of milky, day-glo white skin peeping through (or am I the only one THAT pale??)

Now in all reality, a SAINT would have a backup pair of nylons in her purse, car, and workplace **Note to self: Next time I run to the store to replace my evil, tragic torn pair of nylons, buy 4 to stock in said places** But in reality, we’re not always so saintly, and so a little sinner trickery is in order.

While I don’t always have a pair of spanking new nylons at hand, I nearly ALWAYS have a sharpie, or at least a black pen. Use the black pen to fill in that awful little peep of flesh that is ruining your life. Move the run around to make sure if the nylons move a little you won’t be showing skin through the run. And I’m sure by now you know the trick of putting clear nail polish on the ends of the run so it doesn’t unravel further. I’m going to classify the nail polish trick in the saintly category, because it takes a little forethought to have clear nail polish at hand.

I’ll admit, it’s not a perfect solution, but I swear bear, no one mentioned my run the entire day. And that, my saints and sinners, is a win in my book.

PS. I was a total SAINT when I got home and actually threw away the nylons when I got home. I don’t know about you, but I have an tendency to forget about the run and put them back in my tights drawer, only to be fooled again.

SInners, do you have any quick solutions? Saints, do you have any preventive advice?



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