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Well haven’t Sarah and I been quite the little sinners on our postings!!

Between the holidays, Sarah starting a new job, me buying a car (Craigslist MADNESS, I tell you!), and all of life’s shenanigans in between, we’ve neglected you sweet darlings! 

(This is has been me throughout January, lol)

But it’s not all for naught, as we have been steadily working on our careers! I’ve been investing in all sorts of fun new services! I’m finally ready to go MOBILE!! =D Fresno and San Luis Obispo, get ready for some MOBILE SPRAY TANNING!! I found a GORGEOUS natural looking bronze solution that instantly banishes the winter paleness! My favorite part? I am making your life easier by coming to you! I’ve received stellar reviews from all of my sweet little guinea pigs that have entrusted in me their pale bodies. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll post some before/afters (and by that I mean only if I can convince my friends it’ll be fine to be seen in a bikini!) 

Yup, you earn some shine to your halo by staying out of those harmful sun’s rays and naughty tanning beds when you get a beautiful faux glow!

I also received my airbrush foundations–ooooh, wouldn’t THAT be a fun tutorial!–which makes skin look FLAWLESS. I gave it a test run myself, and so many people commented on my glow, I was estatic! A girl could get used to that =))) Finally, I received my NovaLash eyelash extension kit. However, I have been so busy selling my old car (gooooodbye Jetta!) and buying a new one (hellooooo, cherokee!!) I haven’t had time to practice, but that is the very next “to do” on my list!

Upcoming projects for me? Next weekend I’ll be styling a photo shoot in San Luis Obispo. I have the privilege of styling hair, makeup, AND CLOTHES! with photographer Jill Mascheroni for a fashion shoot. I am OVER THE MOON excited about the project!! Hello, we’re putting my three favorite things together and letting me have at it! I will take lots of pictures and keep you in the know, my S&S! Check back NEXT Sunday (2/12) for a full report on how the shoot went. I’ve also begun a collaboration with the fabulous photographer Kendyl Day here in Fresno. I’m so excited to see what we will come up with together! AND finally, in MARCH I’ll be going to The Makeup Show in Los Angeles. Going to get so many goodies to put in my kit! Can’t wait to set up new tutorials with the new products!

Getting this new year off on the right stiletto!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” –Marilyn Monroe

To set up an appointment or find out more about these or other services, please visit my professional site.

Sarah has begun to develop a beautiful professional website and started work at an amazing Portland spa. To see what she’s been up to, check out her new website at Flawless Finish Makeup.



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